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Hi there.
I'm BeMacized, a visual designer who eventually does some coding. Visit my Twitter at
or my Tumblr at
Ok well, now i've been tagged by marsu, I guess i'll have to do this now... Oh god why...

here we go.

1. What song does really inspire you?
I don't really have one song, but I really tend to like the songs made by Glaze…

2. If you could bend an element(fire, earth, water or air), which would you bend?
I think i'd really love to choose air, but I would probably get an instant case of fear of hights. Water would probably be more my thing, as I could use it to grab stuff without getting up with my lazy ass, or just instantly freeze my coke, instead of having to grab icecubes ._.

3. Ever had any dreams you can remember very good, or special dreams? If yes, explain please?
I don't usually remember my dreams very well... but there was this one case where I saw an alligator eating people with a fork & knife on the news broadcasting ._.

4. Which animal would you be?
Pony Pony Pony Pony. Did I already say Pony?

5. Do you like dinosaurs?
well, if this counts, yes:…

6. Have you ever eaten this: *insert hagelslag pic url here*
Oh COME ON! Who hasn't! You can't live without dis ._. It's the most delicious thing next to bacon that has ever existed...

7. If you read European comics, which one do you like the most?
I don't read comics & stuff that often, so even from the ones I read I wouldn't know where they are from really... BUT I really like the Astrix comics ._.

8. How long can you hold your breath?
As long as it takes for the smell of your farts to move away.

9. What do you wish when you see a falling star?
Well, if I told ya, It wouldn't work anymore right? I wish what everyone wishes... more bacon. Damn. Now I won't get more bacon...

10. And for the Avatards out here: if you were a character from the series, who would you be? Or who are you most like?
IROH. I bucking love tea. I would do everything for a cup of that man's tea. No.. Not that what you have in mind right now.. you sick little pervert.

There we go... Why did I even do this..
I reckon I'll have to finish what I started.. no way going back... now then: 10 QUESTIONS FOR THE UNLUCKY ONES TO BE CAPTURED IN MY TAGGING SPREE...

1. Got any favorite game?
2. Tell me the most horrible joke you've ever heard.
3. Do you have difficulty coming up with questions as well?
4. What is the most disgusting thing you ever ate?
5. You like bacon... right? Everybody does right?
6. Is there any deviant who you idolize?
7. What is the work you are most proud of?
8. What was the most failing thing you ever did in life?
9. How many of these tagging things did you already participate in?
10. These are the most boring questions ever... right?

Now, after my brain has already exceeded it's capability of coming up with creative questions by about 666 times, I'll announce the unlucky ones who'll have to answer these questions, and continue this.... this... whatever it is.

These motherbuckers are: :iconhonedknife:, :iconmarsu305: PONG, :iconpaintboy44: & :iconsepthi: (because I know you love answering these questions so much :icontrollfaceplz:)

I wish you the best of luck, and may the best pony win.
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  • Eating: bacon
  • Drinking: bacon

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:iconravetuba: :iconlavoaster: :iconhonedknife: :icondefuseninja: :iconsepthi: :iconmarsu305:


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Herro :D I love your art :D
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BeMacized Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
Thank you ^.^

That looks so fucking awesome O.o
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whoa whoa thanksssss :iconlaplz: it was fun to do :)
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